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this is my face.


the death cure - james dashner


house of cards and new girl


out of the woods - taylor swift, lights out - ingrid michaelson, the bones of what you believe - CHVRCHES


will gardner and augustus waters

them and updates bar redone 7/20/14, and tags page redone 8/16/14


i'm back in school and very busy, but i'll try to be on (at the very least on mobile) every day. plus i have a queue running during school hours every day.

vote for me?

somehow i was nominated for nicest blogger in gracen's tumblr awards so it'd be pretty cool if you could vote for me here

happy tag

a collection of cute animals, nice quotes, and happy things to bring you up if you feel sad :)

taylor pictures

if you're wondering, this is primarily where i get my pictures of taylor for my edits

swift buddies

so i started this blog and it's basically just a way to make friends on here so you should really check it out


follow all the wonderful people i follow :)

long live network

a very cool way to make friends in the fandom! if you wanna join, check out the link!
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